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My name is Submilf or Milf2 I'm whore wife slut with silicone breast always with my boobs hard tied in ropes until my tits come purple in bondage. I like to be so exhibited with cum in my fucking old maw that everyone can see me so depraved and humiliated.
Hello and welcome to our first ever episode of "The Biggest Slut"!  Each week in this gameshow, we'll have girls competing for money and prizes by degrading themselves for the audience at home.  Today, we have Britanny and Jenna competing, and the rules are simple.  We have 51 lucky gents lined up and ready to blow.  The girls simply have to use their bodies and words to try and convince as many of the guys as possible to choose to jizz on their face.Once all the guys have made their decision and blown their load, we'll tally up the scores!  The girl with the most loads wins the grand prize of an all inclusive holiday to Tenerife, and the loser gets the bogey prize of getting the clean the winner with her tongue!  May the biggest slut win!